Know Your Asset

Our technology enables artists and creators to certify their ownership over their creation. With KYA™ process we make sure that copyright owners have control over their assets.

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Use Cases:

Our certificate can be used in variety of situations:

  • Mint it with your NFT to show potential buyers that you actually own the right for said work.
  • Prevent piracy by having a proof of ownership document.
  • Present the certificate to marketplaces.

How It Works

We use A.I alongside our team of experts to identify and verify claims by potential owners over digital assets and verify it through combination of document reviews, history matching, and identity verification.

How can I use your service?

We are still testing our systems to make sure that they work perfectly without any bugs or issues. You can register your email in our waitlist and we will let you know when you can have access to it.


How much does the certification cost?

Basic certification is free! You may however register your copyright in national registries for a fee or use other third-party services like insurance, anti-piracy, etc.


Who accepts your certificate?

We are working with our partners to expand usage and acceptability of our certificates. In any case, buyers will have more confidence at you asset if they see that you identity and ownership is verified beforehand.


Can I use your certificate?

After receiving the certificate, you may use the unique url for your certificate in variety of situation, including but not limited to, minting into your NFT, displaying at your website, or presenting it to relevant parties.

Certificate are dynamically generated to make sure that all authorized releases are included. They even have an API interface to make sure that you smart contract can use them whenever it needs.